Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girlfriends... how true.

Check out this video friends... so true, I think.

There's the link to it too, below, in case it doesn't come up for you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do those break?

Isabella came into the office the other day and was trying to tell me something. I asked her what was wrong, and she said,

"I 'boke' my head"!

Not sure how a toddler breaks their head, but it seemed like such a funny thing to say.

Today Emilee was hanging on the grocery cart, and when she stepped off, I nearly ran over her feet. I asked her not to do that again, I didn't want to hurt her feet. Then Bella piped up with,

"Ow, mama, ow. My socks hurt!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Feeling hot?

We keep a box in our house, a place to write down the funny things that the kids say. I wish now that I had started it sooner, but I think the oldest quotes are from when Jonathan was about 4-5 or so. Many of the quotes I list here will also be listed and kept in the box. The rule is that the quote can be on ANYthing you can find to write on, a receipt, sticky note, whatever, just save those words!

Isabella just had her first quote added to the box. She woke up the other day, and seemed warm, so I went to take her temp. She asked what the machine was, "What's dat, Mama?"
I said, "Oh, that's a thermometer."
She said, "Oh, a mama-better??"
Seems to me that she got it pretty close!


Something I wouldn't ever think I would hear my son say, " Good news, Mom, my moose is pregnant!"
"Um, good news honey!" I think.
He likes to play ZooTycoon lately, and is obsessed with the building and productivity of his zoo. Doing different things will increase your revenue and visitors. He can set up different size spaces, and is working on managing the numbers of each animals in the pens. He is figuring out that putting 2 males in one cage isn't always advisable. When the mamas have the babies, there is a "poof", and a little burst of light, and "WHAM-O" the zoo population has just increased. If only things were that easy in real life!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad associations...

Conversation with Grama on Sunday. (She is very sweet, and will be 95 in July)

My brother called to remind me that Grama's 2nd son was celebrating his birthday this weekend. I told her we could call him after dinner.


Me: Let's finish this up and then we'll call Uncle Al.

Grama: Ok, and you just let me know how much that call is (long distance), and make sure I pay you back.

Me: Don't worry about it Grama, I have unlimited long distance so I can call my friends in Colorado, Missouri, and Alaska. You could talk to him for 24 hours and it wouldn't cost me anymore.

Grama: Well, if you're sure about that. I should get that on my new phone line when I move (in 2 weeks). I don't know who I have now.... is it VIAGRA?

Me: No, Grama, I think you have Verizon!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy To You, Bizz

Dear Isabella,

Happy Birthday, Little One. Or, as you have been saying, “Happy To You.” We celebrated on Sat at Grammy and Papa's house since we were in Ridgecrest, and last night at scouts since it was your actual birthday. We will have another party this weekend when friends can come over and swim.

YOU have taught me alot in your 2 little years so far. First and foremost, that I wasn't done with the birth of your sister. Daddy did, in fact, have a good idea when he thought we should try for one more baby. Never mind, of course, that it meant more surgery for me, and he was a wimp.

You were a fairly easy pregnancy, compared to my pregnancy with Emilee. You were my easiest recovery, we went home a day early from Providence. You were my only spring baby. You never lived in snow in Alaska like your brother and sister. I was, however, big and pregnant with you while living in the snow, and yes, I did fall down. (Sorry about that, honey.)

You were pretty good right from the get-go, and unlike your big sis, not too confused about days and nights. You didn’t HAVE to sleep next to me like she did, but you didn’t mind it too much either

You have followed really consistently in their milestones, and walked at 12 months of age.

You love whip cream, and your first real food was a raspberry Popsicle on my lap.

You are a good traveler, coming to CA when you were just 1 month old, and again at 2 months. By the time you were 4 ½ months old, you were officially a Californian. You were a breeze on those flights, and a trooper through being “homeless” while waited on houses to close.

You were baptized on my Papa’s birthday, July 9th. What a treat. Maybe that is why you have his hairline… or lack of hairline!! You wore your Great-Grandmother’s gown, just like Emilee.

Just tonight you pointed to a picture of your brother, and called him “Jonson”. You can call your sister by name too, you say, “Eeeemmmmmmiiieeeee”

You are sweet to your Grandmas, and recently took a snooze with Grama Apple on the couch.

When you used to smile, your eyes would disappear behind those big sweet cheeks.

You have taught me the love of "pasa".

You have taught me that putting piggies in a baby's hair CAN, in fact, be a two-Mommy job. Thanks, Auntie Ce

At one year of age, you were ready to fly.

You have taught me the love of "cakecakes".

On this day, you taught me to eat birch leaves.

You have taught me that finger paint doesn't taste good.

You have taught me how cute a bee can be.

You have started your terrible 2’s. A LONG TIME AGO. You are like me, a wee bit opinionated and sure of yourself. You are not afraid to try something new, jump too far, or love too much.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your blankie. You will share a rub on someone’s nose with it, just in case it will make them feel better. You throw your blankie around in a pattern until you find just the right corner, and rub it under your nose for comfort. You call that thing Bankie Bankie.

Last week when you couldn’t find your Hippo, I asked you where she was. You replied, “No, no. Hippo Hippo!!??” Like, “I don’t know”, and called her by name as though she would answer.

You are sweet with your baby dolls, and say “ssshh sshh sshh” and rock and cuddle them.

In short, you are some things and nothings like your brother and sister. You have bits and pieces of your mom and dad in you, but mostly you are just Bizz. 100% 2-year old Bizz.

Happy To You, Baby.

I love you.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leaving so soon?

Emilee: Mom, pretty soon I will be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. THEN, I won't be with you anymore because I'll be MARRIED!!

Me: You can't get married when you are 10! Jonathan is almost 10, do you think he is ready to be married?

Emilee: Yes. Well then, how long do I have to wait?

Me: At least until you are 18.

Emilee:OK, then I will be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, THEN 19, then I will be married. AND, that will be ok.

Me: Well, I sure am going to miss you...

And I thought I left early to get married. She might have me beat by 8 years!